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Welcome to
Philippolis Spinning and Weaving Centre

Philippolis is a unique town located in the Free State; in the Karoo. Our town is a popular tourist destination not only for its historical value; but also for the architecture and the rural lifestyle.

Karoo Wool

Being surrounded by farm land; my inspiration was given - besides out of the historical point of view - also out of my passion for handcraft. My interest for weaving started in 2004 having watched a documentary on a tv station in Germany. I was so fascinated to see the projects and the results that I couldn’t resist ... I had to find out more about “weaving”.

Coming back home to South Africa I met Lindsay Coutts (Campbell Crafts) and ordered my Ashford Rigid Heddle loom from her. Not knowing yet what is awaiting me with my move to Philippolis; I unfortunately sold my Rigid Heddle loom in 2011 which I very soon regretted.

Getting involved in the tourism and marketing for Philippolis I learned very quickly about my new home town. My researches led my way to ‘Emily Hobhouse’. The Anglo-Boer War battles and the emergence of Emily Hobhouse and the work she did for the Boer women and children in the concentration camps - which is still regarded as heroic - form a strand of history with ongoing talk. Together with Margaret Clark, Emily set up in 1903 a spinning and weaving school in Philippolis.

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